Using Honda’s Remote Start

Using Honda’s Remote Start

Over the last 50 years in Canada, Honda has been dedicated to growing and developing their brand to build you some of the best vehicles on the market. From design, safety, technology and innovation, Honda has grown to become a trusted name. As technology in the automotive industry moves forward, today, Honda focuses on creating a driving experience that’s also convenient. With the help of Honda’s smart technology, Honda’s Remote Start capability ensures that your vehicle is ready to hit the road when you are, no matter the weather or temperature outside.

Equipped in select Honda models, Remote Start allows you to turn on your vehicle from inside your home or up to 55 meters away. Whether you need your vehicle to warm up on cold winter days or cool down in the middle of summer, with Remote Start, you won’t have to wait before you start to drive. You’ll feel comfortable as soon as you sit in the driver’s seat. But Remote Start capability doesn’t stop there – and it’s easier than ever to use.

How to Use Remote Start with your Key Fob

Enabling Remote Start can be done right from your key fob. To turn on your vehicle, simply hit the lock button, followed by the start button (a circling arrow image). Your vehicle will flash its indicators twice to confirm that the engine has started. The engine will run for a total of 10 minutes before turning off unless you enter the vehicle within that time. Once you enter the vehicle, press the brake pedal and your Honda’s start button to activate all vehicle features and begin driving.

Using Honda’s Remote Start

Sometimes, you may need your vehicle to run a little longer in certain weather conditions. Not to worry – Honda has you covered. You can extend the vehicle running time by another 10 minutes by pushing the lock and start button again. You can confirm the time extension by looking at the vehicle indicators, which will flash another 6 times. If you need to turn off your vehicle, you can do so by holding down the start button for 1 second.

Once your vehicle is turned on, interior temperature will turn on at a comfortable 22°C. If the weather outside is considerably hot or cold, your Honda will adjust interior temperature and vehicle features accordingly.

If it’s warm outside, the interior climate control system will operate in circulation mode, and, if your Honda is equipped, ventilated seats will also activate. If temperatures drop below 4°C, front and rear defrosters will activate, along with heated side mirrors, seats and steering wheel, if equipped.

Honda Remote Start capability is available in most 2019 and newer Honda models, including the Pilot and the Ridgeline.

Click here to learn more about Honda Remote Start with your key fob.

Using Honda’s Remote Start

How to Use Remote Start with HondaLink

Honda offers you even more ways to remote start your vehicle, with more customization options, too! With HondaLink, you’ll not only be able to start your vehicle, but you’ll also be able to set vehicle temperature and activate other vehicle features. While you may be limited by distance with the key fob Remote Start, HondaLink allows you to start your vehicle from anywhere.

HondaLink technology connects you to your Honda with the free app for your phone. HondaLink offers you a suite of options and information for your vehicle as well. Click here to learn about what HondaLink can do for you.

HondaLink is available in most models, including the 2019 Accord, Pilot, Odyssey and newer.

With Honda Remote Start and HondaLink, driving has never been more comfortable. So why not get into a new Honda and be prepared for every Canadian weather condition?

Using Honda’s Remote Start

Our team at Orangeville Honda will help you take advantage of remote start capabilities in your favourite Honda model. Proudly serving the communities of Orangeville, Caledon, Erin, Grand Valley, Newmarket and Bradford, Orangeville Honda is your Honda dealership of choice. Our friendly and experienced Sales team will help you check our inventory and find the best vehicle for you and your lifestyle. We invite you to call or come in today to experience the convenience and comfort of owning a Honda vehicle.

Using Honda’s Remote Start