What Makes Honda Vehicles Dog-Friendly?

What Makes the Honda SUVs Dog-Friendly - Orangeville Honda

Dogs like to be taken out and treated just like humans. Thankfully, there are dog-friendly vehicles available to ensure your four-legged friend can ride around with you.

Honda SUVs and Vans are the best cars for dogs around because there’s plenty of space and comforts inside. Dog owners want cars that are easy for their pet to get in and out of. It’s also important for pet-friendly vehicles to have security features and temperature controls, all qualities that Honda vehicles provide.

Here are some pet-friendly vehicles that you can check out at your local Orangeville Honda. These models make sense if you’re a dog owner looking for more mobility for yourself and your pet.

The Honda CR-V Gives Your Dog Lots of Space

Though the Honda CR-V is a compact SUV, it is a pet-friendly vehicle that offers a big cargo area and a low loading floor that dogs will love. The cargo area is very flat, which is ideal for owners who place pets in crates while travelling.

CR-V models such as the EX-L have pet-friendly features like leather seating surfaces and a power liftgate. These features make the CR-V strong and stable, providing lots of comfort for dogs and humans alike. It also has dual-zone automatic climate control to make sure that you and your pet aren’t feeling too hot or cold.

You can also look forward to storage pockets that are large enough for treats and Frisbees alike, and the rear stow space is height adjustable.

The Honda Odyssey Can Hold Dogs Big or Small

This award-winning Honda is very much a family-friendly vehicle that allows you, your children, and your dogs to feel comfortable on every road trip you embark on.

The Odyssey has a Magic Slide seating system as well as a fold-flat third bench where you can fit bigger dogs. It has wide-opening rear doors and backseat legroom to allow your dog to step from the seat to the floor.

In addition, this Honda Van has tri-zone automatic climate controls to keep your pet comfortable. You can also make sure your dog isn’t misbehaving or making a mess in the back thanks to a pinch-to-zoom Cabin Watch setup so that you can keep your eyes on it.

Another reason this might be the best car for dogs is that the Honda Odyssey includes an automatic rear liftgate as well as interior materials that are designed to hide stains. Plus, there’s an onboard vacuum in the vehicle to help you keep things clean.

Get Your Dog in a Honda Element

Unfortunately, the Honda Element was discontinued at the start of the decade, a downer for dogs everywhere. But vintage and used versions on these pet-friendly vehicles can still be found across Canada, and if you find one, you’re sure to win your dog’s approval.

The Honda Element had a low floor, wide-opening doors, a lack of carpet, and a cargo area that could hold multiple dog crates. It also has extra fans and a ramp. If you can get one, and they aren’t cheap despite being discontinued, it might be the best car for dogs that you can get.

The Honda Pilot Works Too

If you have a Honda Pilot, you have a vehicle that offers comfort and fuel efficiency. It can also serve as a nice “chill” spot for your dog, allowing it to rest throughout the ride.

Especially nice for elderly dogs, the Honda Pilot has a back seat that sits closer to the floor, posing less of an obstacle for them to climb as they go in. The spacing is enough to fit in medium and bigger-sized dogs, with over 2 cubic metres of room available.

Make Sure to Look for These Dog-Friendly Features

So, to recap, you want an SUV or Van that has manageable climate controls, particularly for the backseat so that your dog can relax. You also want back seats that fit the size of your dog, with smaller dogs faring better on sculpted, bucket-style seats. For bigger dogs, make sure your car has a bench seat that allows them to enjoy uniform support.

Your Honda car must also have easy-to-access seat buckles to facilitate fastening your dog’s harness. It must also have all-season floor mats and seat covers as well as low backseat and lift over heights. Once you find these elements in a dog-friendly vehicle,  your dog will be ready to brave any journey with you.

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