Demo Vehicles in Orangeville

Company Demonstrator Vehicle

What is a Demo Vehicle?

Demos or demonstrator vehicles start out as new models used by the dealership to showcase the features and benefits to customers. These cars may be available for purchase, finance or lease.

These demo vehicles are driven by sales consultants and executives to give them firsthand experience with our new Honda models. By doing this, our sales team can personally explore each vehicle and are better equipped to answer questions based on their knowledge. We also purchase executive-driven company cars, which offer significant savings and additional purchase options for customers benefitting from buying a like-new vehicle.

We have a great selection of Honda demo vehicles to choose from. Our most popular models are almost brand new with less than 10,000 km.

If you are interested in our Honda demonstrator models, you can browse our available Demo Inventory or contact us today for more information.

What are the advantages of buying a Honda demo vehicle?

They have lower prices than buying a brand new Honda model

Do Demo Vehicles have Honda's full warranty coverage like the new vehicles

Yes, they do! They are thoroughly maintained and cared for, so they are still in excellent condition.

Can I Finance or Lease Demo Vehicle

Yes! They have all of the benefits of the brand-new vehicle.