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You may be dreaming of a fully-loaded Accord, but worry you won’t be able to budget the costs. Maybe you’re wondering, “What car payments can I afford?” There is a way to determine which cars are in your price range, without compromising on the vehicle you want. Owning a new car is an amazing feeling, but being able to afford the monthly cost is even better! Try Orangeville Honda’s online car finance calculator and determine which cars work best for you!

Estimate the payments for any vehicles from Orangeville and find out what kind of car you can comfortably afford based on your budget requirements. Keep in mind that our car payment calculator is a rough estimate intended to give you a general idea. You will need to meet with one of our finance professionals to find out the precise details on any of our Honda models.

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Three tips for finding your affordable car:

1. Don’t Exceed 18% of Your Income
As a rule of thumb, try to spend no more than 15% of your monthly income on car payments.

2. Choose a car that fits your budget
If you don’t see a car that appeals to you in our online inventory, we have sales representative that can help you determine your next vehicle based on the monthly car payment you have in mind.

3. Provide Accurate Information
If you’re applying for financing, try to provide us with as much information as possible. The more we know about you, the more accurate your application results will be.