What Is Covered By Honda’s Extended Warranty?

For car owners who want absolute peace of mind Honda offers the Honda Plus Extended Warranty program. The Honda Plus Comprehensive Plan goes far beyond the coverage of Honda’s factory warranty, covering everything from the engine and transmission to the brakes and suspension. Here is an overview of what is covered by the Honda Plus Comprehensive Plan.


  • The Honda Plus Comprehensive Plan must be confirmed within 45 days of new vehicle purchase to ensure coverage.
  • To maintain coverage, you must maintain your Honda vehicle according to Honda’s Maintenance Schedule.
  • You must maintain all maintenance records as they may be requested by Honda Plus as well as the new owner of your vehicle if you ever sell it.
  • The Honda Plus Plan is designed only to cover Honda’s manufactured for Honda Canada, for the Canadian market only sold by Authorized Honda Canada Dealers.
  • Honda Plus only covers vehicle primarily driven in Canada.
  • Other details about full coverage, limitations, exceptions and mutual responsibilities can be provided by your Authorized Honda Canada Dealer.


Roadside Assistance

You’ll drive confident knowing that wherever you are in Canada or the Continental United States, you’ll be covered by 24/7 roadside assistance. With a Honda Plus Plan, help is just a call away.

Zero Deductible

The Honda Plus Comprehensive Warranty features a $0 deductible for both service, parts and roadside assistance. This means that if something goes wrong with your vehicle and a covered component is replaced or repaired, there will be no additional costs to you.


Nearly every component in your Honda’s engine is covered by the Honda Plus Extended Warranty.

Mechanical components including:

  • Cylinder block and all internal parts
  • Flywheel
  • Intake and exhaust manifolds
  • Oil pump

Electrical components including:

  • Alternator
  • Starter motor
  • Voltage regulator

Cooling system components including:

  • Cooling fan
  • Radiator
  • Water pump

Emissions system components including:

  • Barometric pressure sensor
  • Electric load detector
  • Throttle cable

Your Honda’s engine will remain in pristine condition for years to come with the Honda Plus Extended Warranty. If ever an issue arises with your engine or any of its components, bring it into the dealership for service, and it’s very likely that the issue will be completely resolved under warranty. You’ll be back on the road in no time.


Every time you shift your car into gear, you’ll know that if anything goes wrong with your transaxle or transmission, the problem component is likely to be covered by the Honda Plus Extended Warranty.

Transaxle/Transmission components include:

  • Automatic transmission cooler
  • Axle shafts
  • Driveshafts

Clutch system components include:

  • Clutch hydraulic line
  • Clutch master cylinder
  • Slave cylinder

4 wheel drive components include:

  • 4 wheel drive dual pump assembly
  • CV joints
  • VTM – control unit

As a Honda owner enjoying the benefits of the Honda Plus Extended Warranty, you’ll find that most of the common transmission problems vehicle owners face are covered under warranty.


Maintaining control of your vehicle at all times is crucial to your safety while driving. That’s why it’s important that critical components of your vehicle that allow you to maintain control are covered by a great warranty. With the Honda Plus Extended Warranty, the main components of your steering, brakes, ABS, and suspension systems are all covered.

Steering components include:

  • Power steering pump
  • Steering shaft
  • Speed sensor

Brake components include:

  • Front and rear brake calipers
  • Proportioning valves
  • Parking brake linkage and cables

ABS components include:

  • ABS – ECU modulator and accumulator
  • Power unit pump
  • Wheel sensor

Suspension components include:

  • Ball joints
  • Control arms
  • Wheel bearings

The moment something feels a little ‘off’ with your steering or brakes, bring your Honda into the dealership for service and it’s likely that the problem you’re having will be covered under the extended warranty.


Your vehicle’s electric system is complex and advanced, but making sure everything is working right shouldn’t be. Honda’s extended warranty covers a wide range of your vehicle’s electrical components including any Genuine Honda electrical accessories.

Electrical components such as:

  • Brake light failure sensor
  • Cooling fan motors
  • Wiper motors
  • Keyless entry and control unit
  • Tire pressure monitoring sensor


When it’s freezing cold in the winter, and blazing hot in the summer, you deserve to ride comfortably at the perfect temperature in your Honda. Luckily, the components of the heating and air conditioning system of your Honda are covered under the Plus extended warranty.

Components include:

  • The air conditioner compressor control unit
  • Blower motor and resistor
  • Heater control amplifier
  • Re-circulation control motor


For Hybrid vehicle owners, the Honda Plus Extended Warranty covers many of the crucial components of your vehicle’s Integrated Motor Assist system.

Components include:

  • Chemical condenser
  • Control unit battery
  • Junction board assembly
  • Phase current sensor assembly


Your Honda is equipped with security features and components covered under warranty including:

  • Immobilizer
  • Security transmitter
  • Starter cut relay

Cruise control components include:

  • Steering wheel switch
  • Speed sensor
  • Check valve

To make sure your car’s fuel system is protected against any malfunctions, covered components include:

  • Fuel tank
  • Fuel pump
  • Metal fuel lines

Components such as your door latches, door lock cylinders, and power lock actuators are also all under the Honda Plus Extended Warranty.

For a complete list of all components and services covered by the Honda Plus Comprehensive Warranty, click here to visit the warranty information page on Honda Canada’s website.


As you can see, the Honda Plus Comprehensive Warranty is extensive and exhaustive. The good news is that it’s also extremely easy to use. When you purchase your new vehicle, you’ll have the chance to upgrade from the factory warranty to the Plus warranty.

Once your vehicle is covered by the Honda Plus Warranty, if anything ever goes wrong with your vehicle, simply bring your car in to the dealership and our team of factory-trained technicians will take care of everything. Any components that need to be replaced or repaired that are covered under the Plus warranty will be replaced or repaired at no additional charge to you thanks to the zero dollar deductible policy.

At Orangeville Honda, our factory-trained technicians are prepared to handle any repair that your Honda may require. If you have any questions about Honda’s extended warranties or would like to learn more, stop by our dealership or give us a call, we’ll be happy to assist you in any way possible