University and College Graduates are often faced with a challenge when they want to obtain financing for a new or used vehicle, because they typically haven’t built up sufficient credit history to qualify for most loans or leases.

That’s why Honda Financial Services created their Graduate Program that helps graduates with little or no credit history qualify for leases on Honda’s entire line up of vehicles. Here is an overview to help you decide if you qualify, and if you do, how to take advantage of this great opportunity.


  • Individuals who have graduated from an accredited minimum 3 or 4 year university program.
  • Individuals who have graduated from an accredited 2 or 3 year nursing school program.
  • Individuals who have graduated from a police or military school.
  • Must have graduated within 12 months of application date for the Honda Graduate Program.


  • No adverse credit history.
  • Individuals must provide proof of full time employment and income, or if you haven’t started your job yet, supply a written commitment from your employer with a start date within 60 days of application date.
  • Sufficient monthly income to cover all vehicle payments, expenses and current obligations.
  • Monthly lease payments cannot exceed 20% of monthly gross income.


  • Applicants must provide a copy of college / university diploma or a letter from Registrar’s office confirming graduation.
  • No down payment is required.
  • The maximum advance for financing provided will include current MSRP, freight/PDI, taxes, and Honda Plus Extended Warranty. Any amount exceeding this limit will require a down payment.

If you have recently graduated or are about to graduate and are ready to get behind the wheel of a brand new Honda, you’ve got to check out Honda’s Graduate Program.

If you have any questions about the program, or if you are still curious if you qualify, give us a call or stop by Orangeville Honda. We would love to help you find the perfect car to match your new career and lifestyle.