Detailing Services for your Honda in Orangeville

Detailing Services in Orangeville

It's hard to keep your car looking great, especially if you don't have the time or skills. You could try detailing your own car but it takes a lot of effort and is not always easy to do well.  So, when you need a detailing service or have already received one from us before remember that we specialize in giving every vehicle the attention they deserve!
We can clean up any mess that has accumulated on your vehicle and make it look like new again! Our professionals will give an award-winning shine and smell again by using their expertise with cars like yours - truck? Van?" SUV"? You can choose which type best suits what kind on wheels. And most importantly, we will work with you to determine what level of detail is right for you, so there are no surprises when we're done.

GOLD Package |  2.5 hours | includes:
  • Detailed care of fabric seats, carpets & floor mat
  • Power washing & chemical cleaning of wheels, inner fender, and undercarriage
  • Vacuum of trunk
  • Interior and exterior rubber/vinyl trim treatment
  • Locks and hinges care (Lubrication)

PLATINUM Package | 4.0 hours | includes:
  • Everything that included in GOLD Package
  • Two-step paint restoration process
  • Complete interior care of fabric seats, carpets & floor mats
  • Spot shampoo of headliner & sun visors
  • Application of fabric protectant or leather conditioner on interior or leather surface
  • Hand wax application on exterior paint

Looking for the perfect gift for the car lover in your life? Look no further than the Orangeville Honda gift voucher for detailing services! Our team of skilled professionals will take care of everything, from a thorough exterior wash to a deep-cleaning interior. Whether it's a present for a special occasion or just a little thank you, this voucher is sure to put a smile on any driver's face.

Gift Voucher for Your Honda Lover at Orangeville