Top 3 Resources for a New Honda Owner

3 Resources for New Honda Owners - Orangeville Honda

If you're a new Honda owner, you know that there's much to learn about your vehicle. If you’re not a car expert or don’t have a lot of time on your hands, there’s no need to worry. Honda has several key resources available to help a new Honda owner. 

When you visit the Honda website, there are directives, videos explaining key features, and many other notable items to ease any worries regarding your new purchase. Orangeville Honda encourages you to check out these resources to boost your experience with your new Honda.

1. Honda’s Online Car Manual

As a Honda owner, you should gather as much information as you can about your new vehicle. Driving your Honda around without taking full advantage of all Honda features available to you is no fun.

When you visit Honda’s website, you’ll find out how those features work and more when you access your Honda car manual. You can access online manuals for Honda models dating back to 2001. So, fret not if you’re a vintage Honda owner who can’t find the manual you got when you bought your vehicle. There are manuals for vehicles such as the Honda Civic, Accord, Odyssey, Clarity, Pilot, and others.

You can access three Honda car manual types when you visit the official website. There is a navigation manual, where you can learn about system controls and how to use maps and on-screen keyboards. Furthermore, you'll learn how to enter destinations, whether by address, intersection or places. You'll also understand how to drive to your destinations, using a destination map, split-screen guidance, understanding how to work routes, and more. The manual will also include information features and system setup, so you're informed on how to get your navigation system fully working.

Then, there's the owner's manual. This comprehensive guide gives you a detailed walkthrough of the car's many features, as well as provincial law and safety reminders. The manual is so important, in fact, that it should be with you at all times and remain within the vehicle whenever you sell it.

The manual covers all models of your vehicle, giving you an inside-out examination, including specifications. You get a visual index of your vehicle, including how to use your steering wheel and brakes, audio system, how to install a child seat, and much more. There are sections for safe driving as well as the instrument panel, a maintenance section, and how to handle unexpected mishaps, such as overheating or a flat tire.

There is also a warranty and maintenance manual that you can access to learn how to service your car as well as the protections you’re afforded. These warranties include a distributor’s warranty, an emission control systems warranty, a battery warranty and several others. You’ll learn how to take care of your vehicle, from the tires to the engine. Plus, you’ll know what your warranty includes and how many miles you can drive on your warranty before having to renew. There are also customer relations flashpoints and dealer listings to take note of.

2. Honda How-To Videos

There are many video tutorials on the Honda website explaining how Honda features work from a practical point of view. Also known as Honda Tech Tutor, these how-to videos are easy to access once you select the Honda model you’re driving.

For example, with the 2019 Honda Accord LX, you’ll see how to locate and use media ports, how to make and receive calls using Bluetooth, and how to pair your mobile phone with Bluetooth. In addition to audio and connectivity, you’ll witness how Honda Sensing Technology works, from the lane keeping assist system to the collision mitigation brake system. From there, you’ll learn how to operate notable Honda features for this model, including steering wheel-mounted controls, Tire Pressure Monitoring System calibration, and more. Plus, you’ll get visual pointers to boost your comfort and convenience levels, such as customizing auto-door locking and unlocking, using the climate control system, and adjusting steering wheel positions.

All vehicles have these how-to videos, letting you see how these Honda features were conceived and how essential they are to your car’s performance.

3. Honda’s Advanced Functionality Features and How to Use Them

On top of the how-to videos, there are also feature videos on Honda’s website allowing you to take advantage of multiple Honda functionality features.
For the Honda Insight, you can learn how to boost it and look after its battery as well as how to use its pressurized fuel tank. With the Honda Clarity, you can understand its plug-in features, how to merge your phone with the car, and use the smart entry remote. You can also program charging times on your Driver Information Interface.

There are also general overviews on Honda functionality features that various models are equipped with. You’ll see the different steering wheel functions, how to use the display audio system, and how to make and receive calls using Bluetooth HandsFreeLink. You can learn how to use Near Field Communication with compatible phones, explore Honda’s Head-Up Display System, and discover how to start a manual transmission vehicle.

You will learn how to adjust and set your drive memory seats for improved drive comfort levels, how to use built-in Wi-Fi, manage climate controls, and use an adjustable cargo lid. There's a video for every single Honda functionality feature on the website as well as their YouTube channel. These videos cover several models, from new to old versions. Every video is a learning experience you'll take quite a bit of information from, making driving fun and comfortable with your new Honda.