Why Honda SUVs Are So Popular

Learn About Honda’s Best-Selling SUVs

With rising costs of gasoline, lengthy commutes and active lifestyles, SUVs are becoming the more popular choice for car owners. Honda SUVs are consistently among the most popular in the marketplace, with their special features, superior performance and reliable reputation. Here is a breakdown of what Honda SUVs offer.

Why Honda SUVs are so popular Honda CR-V - Orangeville Honda

Honda CRV

The Honda CRV is a very popular Honda SUV and is typically at the forefront in the compact SUV market. Its size and design make it more like driving a car than an SUV. It's an ideal crossover that has a lot going for it, including a roomy interior providing more comfort for passengers. It also offers smart configuration for cargo, which means that you’ve got plenty of room for bikes, hockey bags or groceries, depending on your needs.

In terms of performance, the Honda CRV delivers a pleasant ride in a number of ways. It has a four-cylinder engine with 90hp and a continuously variable transmission (CVT), making it smooth and reliable. This Honda SUV is known for capable steering and excellent brake response, which makes it a winner for drivers who commute.


Honda SUVs are known for its fuel-efficient design making the Honda CRV one of the leaders, with best-in-class fuel efficiency, which is a bonus given the skyrocketing price of fuel. Another nice feature is its technological bells and whistles. The 2019 model offers a Display Audio System with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, built-in GPS, and a blind spot information system.

The Honda CRV is made in Canada at the Honda Canada Manufacturing (HCM) plant in Alliston, offering buyers a nice opportunity to purchase a “made in Canada” automobile.

Why Honda SUVs Are So Popular Honda HR-V Orangeville Honda

Honda HRV

The Honda HRV is also a popular Honda SUV in the sub-compact SUV market. It looks and feels like a car, but provides much of the performance and styling of a regular sized SUV.

One of the real draws of this model is the extremely large cargo space and roomy back seat, which lets adults ride in comfort. It also lets owners have multiple options for storage and cargo with the rear seats that fold down easily, handy if you have a family or pets.

This Honda SUV has an 8-litre, 4-cylinder engine and also has Honda’s Eco Assist system, which helps with fuel efficiency.  In the main console is a Display Audio System, which is your hub for music, podcasts and satellite GPS. It also has blind spot recognition and lane departure technology, among other high-tech safety features.

Another nice safety feature is the "Hill Start Assist," which lets you maintain brake pressure if you take your foot off the brake while on an incline so that you don't roll backwards.

Why Honda SUVs Are So Popular Honda Passpot - Orangeville Honda

Honda Passport

This best-selling Honda SUV is an excellent SUV crossover choice. Larger than the CRV and HRV, this Honda SUV gives drivers a little more size and a little more power without the bulkier feel of a large SUV. It’s all about comfort inside and out, with nice touches like seat heaters in the rear, providing extra comfort for back seat passengers. The driver is taken care of too, with extensive lumbar support in the driver’s seat; posture not only helps with comfort but with staying alert as well.

The Passport is quick to accelerate and has a good towing capacity, at just over 2200kg. Along with this towing capacity, other outdoor adventure friendly features like tall wheels, front and rear splash guards, roof rails, and LED fog lights, this Honda SUV is a good choice for daily commuters who also like to be weekend warriors outside.

There are a number of different fuel-efficient features within the Honda Eco Assist system, making this a smart choice for the environmentally and budget conscious individual.

Why Honda SUVs Are So Popular - Honda Pilot - Orangeville Honda

Honda Pilot

This popular Honda SUV combines utility (space), efficiency (good on gas) and style (roomy, stylish interior and exterior features).

The safety features on this vehicle are impressive, including a mixed bag of warning systems, like the multi-angle review-camera, lane departure, blind spot assistance and collision warning systems. Its interior is lovely, easily adapting to 7 passengers (up to 8 depending on the model chosen) or 5 passengers if you’d rather use the rear for cargo.

It also has Honda’s “Earth Dreams” engine, which means performance and fuel efficiency.

Are you looking for a quality vehicle that offers comfort, good gas mileage, sleek design, impressive safety ratings and more? Check out our Honda SUVs at Orangeville Honda.