Hello Honda Ridgeline! Let’s Get Introduced

Hello Honda Ridgeline! Let’s Get Introduced - Orangeville Honda

The Honda Ridgeline is a pickup truck that looks rough on the edges but plays nice on and off-road with its comfort-exuding traits. 

It’s an all-purpose pickup truck, the only pickup truck to earn a 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick rating. Before you hop in this all-encompassing Honda model, here are your questions about the Ridgeline answered! 

What Are the Dimensions of the Honda Ridgeline Bed? 

For the 2018 Honda Ridgeline, the truck bed cargo volume is about 960 litres (33.9 cubic feet). The maximum cargo bed length for the 2018 Ridgeline is 1625 mm, while the width (between wheel wells) is 1270 mm. The cargo bed depth is 425 mm. 

The length and width for the 2019 Honda Ridgeline are the same across the board, giving you some wiggle room to work with when carrying cargo on each road trip.

Hello Honda Ridgeline! Let's get introduced!

Does Honda Still Make the Ridgeline?

Some of you may be confused, wondering why people would ask this question considering the Ridgeline has a 2019 edition. However, this edition is a second-generation offering of the Ridgeline. 

The first Ridgeline generation can be traced back to its introduction in 2005 with the 2006 model. The initial Ridgeline, which ran until 2014, had car-based underpinnings, hauling people and cargo without sacrificing ride quality. It also featured an unconventional exterior design with flying buttresses, integrating the bed with the truck cab. 

The latest generation of the Ridgeline was first introduced at the 2016 Detroit auto show, with the 2017 model on display. Unlike its predecessors, the exterior design is more modern and conventional, with design cues in the front fascia as well as unique grille pattern. However, the second generation Ridgeline kept things that made the original generation standout such as the dual-action tailgate, flatbed, and folding rear seat cushions.

What is the Towing Capacity of a Honda Ridgeline? 

The towing capacity of the 2018 and 2019 Honda Ridgeline is 2,268 kg. This means that if you’re hooking up a trailer to your Ridgeline when you go on your road trip, the trailer cannot exceed that weight. Remember that the more you tow, the more pressure you put on your engine to perform. So, be careful to manage the weight and distribution; otherwise, you risk damage to your vehicle along the way.

Hello Honda Ridgeline! Let's Get Introduced

Is the Honda Ridgeline AWD or 4WD? 

The Honda Ridgeline has all-wheel drive features to give you full control in varying conditions, both on and off-road. The Ridgeline has an Intelligent Variable Torque Management AWD system as well as a fully independent, multi-link suspension. The torque management system is a proactive all-wheel drive feature consisting of a single housing at the rear axle and variable front-to-rear distribution of engine torque. This directs power to wheels with traction. In addition, there’s a pair of electro-hydraulically actuated clutch packs, with one to drive each rear wheel. As a result, the system reacts precisely to traction needs, especially in low-friction conditions such as ice and snow.

Does the 2019 Honda Ridgeline Tailgate Lock?  

Yes, it does. The 2019 Ridgeline and all other editions of the second-generation come packed with a dual-action tailgate as well as a lockable In-Bed Trunk. 

Everything about the Ridgeline tailgate works hard as the dual-action tailgate can be pulled down to lay things flat. It can also be swung open to make loading up easier. Furthermore, you can worry less about what you left in the bed with the segment-exclusive In-Bed Trunk, which keeps your stuff locked at all times.

Hello Honda Ridgeline! Let's get introduced! - Orangeville Honda

How Much Does a Honda Ridgeline Weigh?

The gross vehicle weight rating for the 2019 Honda Ridgeline, meaning the maximum weight the vehicle can carry, is 2,730 kg. Meanwhile, curb weight, the weight of the Ridgeline without occupants or baggage, is 2,054 kg. 

If you try to put too much weight or too many occupants in this five-seater pickup, it will lead to less-than-optimal performance while driving. 

Now that you’ve gotten to know the Honda Ridgeline, head down to Orangeville Honda and see how this vehicle will allow you to take to the Ontario streets with authority. Visit now!